February Art Updates

We have had a wonderful art year so far.  With all of the art projects we’ve completed this year, our art supplies are dwindling down.  Click here to see the Wolf Canyon Art Wish List on Amazon. You can also click on the donations tab on the home page.

Kindergarten: Here are the completed textured hearts.

The students added foil, rubbed out the textures with a paper towel, and added black paint,

Tk: Watercolor landscape (Introduction to watercolors)

Artist study: Ted Harrision

Media and Materials:  White construction paper, black crayon, and watercolors

3rd Grade: Session 2 of Printed Cities

Media and Materials: Printing Ink, Gel Printing Plate, and a bayer

4th Grade: Polygon hearts

Math link: Polygons

Elements of art: Line, shape, and color (analogous colors)

Media and materials: oil pastels, permanent marker, rulers, and water colors


5th Grade: Session 2 Circuit Cards





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