Week 8 and 9

Mrs. Gersten’s class and TK: Turtle color wheel (continued)

Kindergarten: Textured Name Art Session 3

1st Grade: Up close monsters (Session 1)

Element of art: Space and Texture

Artist Study: Georgia O’Keeffe

Materials and Media: White construction paper, black permanent marker, Popsicle sticks, tooth picks, and oil pastels

2nd grade: Antique Flower drawings (Session 1)

Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh

Element of art: texture, space

Materials and Media: oil pastels, black tempera paint and water, and paint brushes

3rd Grade: Organic shaped foil art (session 1)

Element of Art: Shape (organic vs. geometric shapes)

Materials and Media:  Yarn, cardstock, Elmer’s white glue, foil, tape, and colored sharpies)


4th Grade, 5th grade , and Mr. Thomas’ class- Keith Haring inspired art

Element of Art: Line (movement)

Artist Study: Keith Haring

Materials and Media: Markers and white paper

6th Grade: Value flowers

Element of art: Value

Materials and Media: Charcoal Pencils and white construction paper


Week 6 and 7

Tk and Mrs. Gersten’s class: Color Theory-Color Wheel turtle (Session 1)

Element of art: Color (Primary and secondary colors

Art technique: Torn paper collage

Media and Materials: construction paper scraps, construction paper, crayons, and oil pastels

Kindergarten: STEAM Lesson: Texture rubs

Materials: Oil pastels, texture plates, various textures items, water colors

1st Grade: STEAM Lesson: How do they make silly sounds in movies?  How do you make a rain sound device?

Materials:  Paper towel rolls, beads and pebbles, masking tape, blue butcher paper, aluminum foil

Mr. Thomas’ class and 2nd grade: STEAM Lesson Pollinators

Materials: pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, pom poms, yarn, goggly eyes, and hot glue (handled by Mrs. Adamos).

3rd Grade STEAM Lesson: Painting with Magnets

Materials: Magnets, metal objects (screws, paperclips, etc.), tempera paint, construction paper scraps, and white paper.

4th Grade and Mrs. Simmon’s class: Positive and Negative Space art

Element of Art: Space

Media and materials: Colored tissue paper, glue and water solution, paint brushes, black construction paper, and silver Sharpie.

5th Grade: STEAM Lesson (session2) Thaumatropes

6th Grade: STEAM Lesson: Build a Solar Oven

Materials: cardboard, foil, tape, plastic wrap, and cookies!

PTA Reflections Art Contest

Calling all film-makers, dancers, musicians, and artists!

The 2019-2020 Art Reflections Contest is here! Click here to view a video about Art Reflections.


See Mrs. Adamos or visit this link for contest forms and rules. To request supplies and learn about workshop hours during parent conference week (Sept. 16-20), see Mrs. Adamos in room 703.


Week 4 and 5

Tk (Week 4) and SDC TK-1 (Week 5): Introduction to line: Popsicle Collages

Artist Study: Keith Haring

Element of Art: Line

Materials and Media: Construction paper

Kindergarten (week 4 and 5): The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Text: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


Element of Art: Shape

Materials and Media:  Black Permanent Marker, Oil Pastels, Crayons and blue Tempera Paint

First Grade: Painted Paper Ladybugs Session 2

Text: The Grouchy Ladybug by: Eric Carle


Element of Art: Texture, Form, and shape

Materials and Media: Crayola Model Magic Clay, Tempera Paint, Construction Paper, and Paint Scrapers

2nd Grade: Painted fish session 2

3rd Grade and SDC 2-4: Value Cats session 2


4th Grade: STEAM Lesson Zoetropes

Students used the engineering cycle to build Zoetropes.

5th Grade and SDC 5-6 STEAM Lesson: Thaumatropes

Students used the engineering cycle to build Thaumatropes.

6th Grade Koi Fish session 2

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

Week 2 and 3

Tk week 2: Self Portraits inspired by Todd Parr’s book, It’s Okay to be Different

Media and Materials: Crayola Slick Sticks, Black Crayon, and Colored construction paper


TK Week 3:  Shape monsters with tangrams inspired by Ed Emberley’s Go Away, Big Green Monster


SDC Tk-2: Surrealist birds

Artist study: Salvador Dali

Element of Art: color (Warm and cool colors) and line

Materials and Media: construction paper, feathers, Crayola Slick Sticks, water based markers, paint brush and water

Kindergarten:  Kandinsky inspired Snails

Materials and Media: Black permanent marker and Crayola Slick Sticks

Artist study: Wassily Kandinsky

Elements of Art: Shape and color

1st Grade: Painted paper landscapes with Model Magic Clay Lady Bug (part 1)

Artist Study: Eric Carle

Text: The Grouchy Ladybug

Elements of art: Texture, color, and space

Materials and Media: Construction paper, Tempera paint, Paint Scrapers


2nd Grade: Recycled cardboard painted fish (Part 1)

Elements of Art: Shape and texture

Media and Materials: Tempera Paint and Cardboard

3rd Grade and SDC 2nd-4th grade: Value Cats (Part 1)

Artist Study: Pablo Picasso

Elements of Art: Line and color (value, shades, and tints)

Materials and Media: Construction paper, black & white tempera paint, and black crayon

4th grade and SDC 5th-6th: The Great Wave inspired drawings (Part 1)

Artist Study: Katsushika Hokusai


Elements of Art: Color (value), line (movement), and shape

Materials and Media: Chalk pastels, oil pastels, and construction paper

5th Grade: Celtic Knots (Part 1)

Cultural Study: History of Celtic art

Elements of Art: Space (overlapping) and line

Materials and Media: Construction paper

6th grade: Koi drawings painted with markers (part 1)

Cultural Study: Japanese symbols in art

Elements of Art: line, movement, space,  and value

Materials and Media: Watercolor paper, Black Sharpie, water based markers, paint brush and water


April Art Updates

Mrs. Gersten’s class: This first project was inspired by the Printmaking Artwork of Andy Warhol.  The students used various objects to paint with (card board, foil, popsicle sticks, etc.) Then they cut out flowers from construction paper.

warhol flowers.png

The next project, we studied the life and career of famous Impressionist artist, Claude Monet.  Students created their own water lily pond using oil pastels and watercolors. We focused on line and color.

Kindergarten: This month the students completed their family portraits on a tissue background.

The next project is a collage piece.   Students viewed several Guitar art pieces by Pablo Picasso.  Using magazines, construction paper,  and music sheets, students created a paper collage.  Pictures will be posted on the next blogpost.

 Mr. Thomas’ class and Mrs. Gersten’s class: For this project, students learned about the art of Quilting.  We discussed how some quilts are passed down family generations and how some tell a story.  Students designed a felt square with fabric.  The pieces will be pieced together to create a class quilt. Mrs. Gersten’s class used paper cut outs instead of fabric.

First grade and Mr. Thomas’ class: These classes looked at the art work of Quilt Maker Helene Knotts and her Garden Patch Cat series.  Students designed their own Garden Patch Cat.  The cats had to be a fruit or a vegetable. The media used for this project were oil pastels, chalk, permanent marker, and magazines.

Second Grade: The students studied the Japanese Holiday, Children’s Day.  The holiday is commemorated with Koinobori Wind Socks.  The students created a symmetrical Koinobori Wind sock with construction paper and water based markers.  They included Japanese inspired features to their koi (large, eye, scalloped lines/shapes, layers, scales, etc)

Third Grade and Mr. Thomas’ class: For this next art project, we traveled to India.  We learned about the traditional Indian Dhurrie Rug.  Dhurrie rugs have intricate designs, are colorful, and are woven on a loom. Using recycled materials (recycled cardstock, oil pastel scrap pieces, donated yarn, and  scrap paper) students designed their own Dhurrie Rug.

Fourth Grade:  The 4th graders are making these colorful self-portraits as a backdrop for the 4th grade show.  The portraits include 5 words that describe themselves for example: their likes, their hobbies, their talents, etc.  The media used for this project were permanent marker, oil pastels, and watercolor paints.

Fifth grade: The fifth graders have been working diligently on this Tessellation Project.  The students viewed artwork by famous tessellation artist, M.C. Esher.  Students then created their own tessellation design.  This project will probably be completed in 2 more art sessions.

Sixth Grade: The last 6th grade project of this year, is the cardboard animal project.  The students learned about African Rock Art and the significant meanings of animals in these early civilizations.  Students selected an African Animal to design on cardboard.  The objective is to create a raised animal head with cardboard, oil pastels, and chalk pastels.

Mrs.Simmons’Class: The 2 projects created this quarter were inspired by printmaking.  The students learned about the Pop Art of Andy Warhol.  Warhol used silk screening  to create his prints.  Students designed a Pop image out of Styrofoam Scratch Board.  Then they printed it with black ink and repeated the process 4-6 times.  Then they glued the prints on colored construction paper.

The 2nd project involved crayon rubbing and radial symmetry.  First, students folded the paper into fourths.  Then they designed 1 section of the paper with black crayon.  Next, they folded their paper over and used a popsicle stick to rub out the design.  Afterwards, they opened up the paper and retraced the design in black crayon. Lastly, they added color with Crayola Color Sticks.

Chalk Walk 2019

Calling all volunteers past and present….

Please let your classroom teacher know if you are able to help in any of the following ways:

  1. Volunteers to help with gridding and drawing Wednesday, May 29th  (time: after school 3:30-4:30) (volunteer does not need to be an expert artistJ We need a basic outline of the picture and grid lines drawn.

 Day of the Event, May 30th

2. Volunteers to set up canopies (8:15-9:00)

3. Supervising volunteers (supervise and help students) At least 2 per classroom (8:30-about 2:00)

       4. Shop Vac (label with your name and child’s room number

       5. Canopy (Please bring by Tuesday, May 28th. Label with your name and child’s room number)

       6. Baby wipes

       7. Blue Painter’s tape (1 ½ “)