Quarter 1 week 4

TK: Mosaic Vase (session 1)

Element of art: Pattern

Media and Materials: 1 in squares (various colors) , construction paper, glue, and markers.

Pictures will be posted next week.

Kindergarten: Tizzled Topped Tufted Mazurka drawings (session 1)

Artist Study: Dr. Seuss (Tizzled Topped Tufted Maurka character)

Element of art: Pattern (we focused on patterns), shape, and line

Media and Materials: grey construction paper, black markers, crayons, and chalk pastel

Mrs. Gersten’s class: The students completed their patterned Mazurka drawings!

3rd Grade: Expressionist art (Session 2)

Here are the completed pieces!

Ms. Foley’s class: Landscape Waterfall session 1 (Same lessons taught to 2nd grade last week)

4th Grade: Joseph Amedokpo inspired line art (session 1)

Artist Study: Joseph Amedokpo

Element of art: Line and pattern

Media and Materials: White cardstock, black sharpies (fine point and ultra fine point tip) and watercolor paint.

5th grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: Word line art continued (sessions 2)

Check out these art pieces!

Quarter 1 Week 3

Transitional Kindergarten: Romero Britto inspired Mickey mouse

Element of art: Line

Artist Study: Romero Britto

Media and Materials: White paper, black marker, and Tempera Paint color sticks.

Kindergarten: Shape School House

Text Connection: School’s First Day of School by: Adam Rex

Element of art: Line

Media and Materials: Black marker, white construction paper, and crayons

1st Grade and Mrs. Gersten’s class: textured animals

Artist Study: Albrecht Durer, The Hare

Element of art: line

Media and Materials: white paper, grey construction paper, markers, glue, scissors, and Tempera Paint Sticks

2nd Grade: Waterfall Landscape

Artist Study: J.E.H. Macdonald

Element of art: Line

Media and Materials: Oil pastels, white construction paper, watercolor paint, and white tempera paint.

6th Grade: Zantangle Flowers

Element of art: line and color

Principles of Design: Contrast

Media and Materials: white cardstock, black permanent marker, tempera paint, and scissors.

Quarter 1 week 2

Thank you so very much for all of the donations received. If you are still interested in donating items, click on the donations tab.

The first week of art was awesome! Check out these lessons!

TK: Shape Monsters

Text connection: Go Away Big Green Monster by: Ed Emberley

Element of art: Shape

Media and Materials: Shape stickers, construction paper, glue, and googly eyes.

Kindergarten and Mrs. Gersten’s class:

Element of art: Line

Media and Materials: Construction paper, black marker, and crayons.

4th Grade: Notan Art

Cultural connection: Japanese Notan Art

Elements of art: Line and shape

Principles of Design: Balance, unity, and contrast

Media and Materials: 3×3 colored squares, construction paper, scissors, and glue.

3rd Grade and Ms. Foley’s class: Abstract Expressive Art (Session 1)

Artist Study: Edvard Munch

Art Movement: Expressionism

Element of art: Shape

Students drew 5 different shapes to express 5 different feelings. They added lines and color to add details to their shape.

Media and Materials: planning sheet, white cardstock, black Sharpie marker, and Mr. Sketch markers.

5th Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: Word Art using lines (session 1)

Elements of art: lines, value, and space (positive and negative space)

Media and Materials: watercolor paper, blue painters tape, watercolor pencils, washable markers, black construction paper, water, a paintbrush, and metallic Sharpies.

Welcome Back Timberwolves!

I am looking forward to the 2022-2023 school year. Each year we need to replenish our art supplies. Here is a list of items commonly used in art:

Silver and Gold Sharpies

Aluminum foil

Plastic Sheet Protectors

Black Sharpies (Fine point and Ultra fine point)

Multi-colored construction paper

Mr. Sketch Markers

Astrobright colored paper


Sandwich sized zip lock bags

Gallon sized zip lock bags

White card stock

paper plates

Glue sticks

Baby Wipes

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Amazon, Wal-mart, or Target Gift cards

You can drop off supplies to room 703 or to the from office (please label all bags “for art class”).

Thank you in advance for your donation!

Hello 4th quarter

Check out these 4th quarter projects!

TK and Mrs. Gersten’s Class:

Paul Klee Cat

Artist Study: Paul Klee

Media and Materials: Construction paper, oil pastels, and Crayola Color Sticks

Faberge Eggs

Artist Study: Peter Carl Faberge

Media and Materials: Metallic Gel Pens, sequins, beads, and gems Elmer’s glue,


Vincent Van Gogh inspired cities

Vocabulary: movement, blending, shapes, and lines

Media and materials: tempera paint, flat brushes, and construction paper

1st Grade:

Camel Decorating

Cultural Study: India

Vocabulary: Camel decorator and India

Media and Materials: Construction paper, beads, sequins, yarn, ribbon, paper straws, and crayons

2nd Grade:

Still Life Pear Painting

Artist Study: Paul Cezanne

Vocabulary: Still life, Value, Shadows, highlight, value, and blending

Media and Materials: (green, yellow, white, blue, orange, and purple) tempera paint, paper towels, water, construction paper, and crayons.

Mrs. Morton’s class:

Jackson Pollack inspired art

Artist study: Jackson Pollack

Media and Materials: salt, Elmer’s glue, watercolors, and cardstock

3rd Grade:

Greek and Italian Terraced homes (session 1)

cultural study: terraced homes from Greece and Italy

Vocabulary: terraced homes, texture, blending, foreground, middle ground, and background

Media and Materials: Oil pastels, construction paper, scissors, and glue

4th Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ Class:

Norval Morriseau inspired birds (session 1)

Artist Study: Norval Morriseau

Cultural Study: Native Indigenous Canadian Tribes

Media and Materials: Construction paper, black sharpie, tempera paint

5th Grade:

Greek Vase (Session 1)

Cultural Study: Ancient Greece

Media and Materials: 11×14 white construction paper, (brown, black, and white) tempera paint, flat brush, pencil, and black oil pastel

6th Grade and Mrs. SImmons’ Class:

Coil Clay art (session 2) and Zantangle Art Portfolio Cover

Media and Materials: Oil pastels and Modge Podge

End of the quarter art

Tk and Mrs. Gersten’s class:

Vocabulary: Horizontal and vertical lines, primary colors, minimalist art, and abstract


El Salvador Folk Art bird

Cultural Study: Folk art from El Salvador

Vocabulary: Folk art, El Salvador, and Tempera Paint cakes

Materials and Media: Cardstock, Tempera Paint Cakes, and Black crayon

Textured Nests (Also completed with Mrs. Gersten’s class)

Artist Study: Albrecht Dürer

Vocabulary: Implied texture, lines, and circles

First Grade:

Alphabet Soup

Elements of art: value

Vocabulary: Value, shading, smudge, light, shadows, and paint with marker

Materials and Media: water based markers, water, chalk pastel, oil pastels, and yellow paint.

Value Cats

Text: Kitten’s First Full Moon, By: Kevin Henkes

Elements of art: Texture and Value

Vocabulary: Implied texture, Value, shading, and overlapping.

Materials and Media: Chalk pastels, black crayon, white paper

2nd Grade:

2nd grade set design

Jackson Pollack inspired art

Artist Study: Jackson Pollack

Materials/Media: White glue, cardstock, and salt (next art class: watercolors)

Art Vocabulary: Abstract, drip painting, salt, watercolor, and pigments.

3rd Grade:

Mayan Pyramids (Mrs. Morton’s class as created this project)

Cultural Study: Mayan people

Vocabulary: Symmetry, print, Chichen Itza

Materials and Media: Oil Pastels, white construction paper, and tempera paint cakes.

Angry like a Tiger Expressive Art

Art Movement: Expressionism

Artist study: Edvard Munch

Elements of art: Line and shape

Vocabulary: Expressionism, anger, feelings, line, and shape

Materials and Media: oil pastels, black permanent marker, glitter glue, and brush markers.

4th Grade:

Japanese Landscape and origami

Cultural study: Japanese Sakura tree and the history of origami

Vocabulary: background, foreground, middle ground, Sakura, Mt. Fuji, Origami, folds, and crease.

Materials and Media: colored square papers, oil pastels, sponges, white tempera paint, pink tempera paint, white construction paper, and pink construction paper.

5th grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:

Japanese Pagoda and Sumi-e ink painting

Cultural Study: Japanese art (Pagoda and Sumi-e ink painting)

Vocabulary: Pagoda, bonsai tree, torii (Japanese gate), Sume-i ink painting, value, India ink, background, and middleground, foreground.

Materials and Media: India ink, red placemat paper, white construction paper, water, glue, and a fine tip paint brush.

6th Grade:

The Bento boxes are complete! We will be working on Model Magic Clay on the last day of the quarter.

VAPA Newsletter

Hello Parents,

Be on the lookout for the Art and Music Newsletter. It will be distributed to you during your parent/teacher conferences or before the quarter ends. In the newsletter, you will read about all the wonderful art lessons and music your child has learned in the 3rd quarter.

Happy New Year! January Art


Week 1: Victor Vasarely Geometric art

artist study: Victory Vasarely

media/materials: construction paper and glue

Week 2: James Rizzi inspired birds

artist study: Pop artist, James Rizzi

media/materials: construction paper, black Sharpie, and oil pastels

1st Grade

Watercolor Watermelons

artist study: Diego Rivera

media/materials: white cardstock, watercolor paint, pencils, and oil pastels.

2nd Grade

Symmetrical Tiger Prints

cultural study: Tigers in Asian Art

art Process: Printmaking

media/materials: construction paper, pencils, and tempera paint

3rd Grade

Printmaking City Scapes (Session 1)

artist study: Johannes Vermeer

media/materials: watercolor paint and watercolor paper

4th Grade

Winter Sky using tertiary colors

art technique: watercolor and salt

media/materials: watercolor paints, watercolor paper, black construction paper, and white tempera paint

5th Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class

Watercolor Silhouette Landscape

artist Study: Bob Ross

art techniques: wet on wet (with watercolors), painting with different sized brushes and creating thick & think lines

media/materials: watercolor paper, watercolors, pencils, a round brush, and a flat brush

6th Grade

Bento Box Collages (session 1)

Cultural Study: Traditional Japanese Bento Lunches

media/materials: Construction paper, scrapbook paper, tissue paper, and oil pastels

November and December art projects

TK and Mrs. Gersten’s class: Cubist Inspired Fall tree

Kindergarten: Pablo Picasso Inspired Guitar Collages

1st grade: Salvador Dali inspired Portraits

2nd Grade: Romero Britto inspired cats with guest teacher Mrs. Bui.

3rd Grade: Value Cats inspired by artist, Laurel Burch.

4th Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: Optical Art (Artist study: M.C. Escher)

5th Grade: Animal Eyes (Artist Study: Albrecht Druer)

6th Grade: Watercolor Lions (Artist Study: Jerry Pinkney, Media: Watercolor Tubes)

Observational Candy Drawing: (Artist Study: Andy Warhol)