Hello 3rd Quarter

Welcome back students and families!  Here is a look at the first week of the 3rd quarter.

4th grade, 5th grade, 3rd grade and SDC classes meet for Art this week.

3rd Grade: Engineering lesson using Kidspark (Gravity and Force)

The 3rd Grade students made helicopters using the Kidspark templates.  Then they designed and created their own helicopters.  They had to decide on the purpose of the helicopter (i.e. rescue helicopter, military, fire support, etc.).

Mr. Thomas’ class, Mrs. Simmons’ class,  and 4th grade: Mosiac Snowflakes (STEAM lesson)

Principles of Design: Balance

Elements of Art: Texture and shape

Science connection: How Snowflakes are formed?

Media and Materials: Broken CD Pieces, blue construction paper, white paper, and white glue.

5th Grade: Session 2 One point perspective 3D shape art

Mrs. Gersten’s class: Polar Bear Art (STEAM Lesson)

Element of art: shape

Science connection: Polar bear adaptations