March Art Work

Don’t forget to check out the Art Exhibit!  It is open until Thursday!

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Mrs. Gersten’s class: The students looked at the artwork of impressionist artist, Claude Monet.  We looked specifically at his artwork involving the tulip fields.  The students drew a mountain landscape with oil pastels.  Then they added tulips using tempera paint and Q-Tips.

The next art project was the “zoomed-in” monster.  (see lesson description under first grade).



The kindergarteners “read” the artwork of Carmen Lomas Garza.  The art piece depicted a Mexican family making tamales.  Click here to view the art work. We discussed the importance of family and the special memories shared with family. For this art piece, the students drew a family portrait.  The students learned how to draw people by putting  simple shapes together.  They were not allowed to draw stick figures.  For the next art session, they will add a colorful background with tissue squares and Elmer’s White Glue.

First Grade:

The first graders completed their paper sculpture self-portrait.

For the next art project, the 1st graders and Mrs. Gersten’s class, examined the zoomed-up paintings of flowers by Georgia O’Keeffe.  We talked about how artists use The Element of Art “space”.  The students created “zoomed-in” monster faces.  They had to draw only part of the monster’s face on their paper.


Second Grade and Mr. Thomas’ class:

Mrs. Masterson’s class created 3D banana sculptures out of tissue paper for the 2nd grade musical.  You can see the banana tree on the auditorium stage.  The other 2nd grade classes and Mr. Thomas’ class, learned about the role of tigers in Asian Art work.  Then the students painted abstract symmetrical tigers with tempera paints.

Mr. Thomas’ class: The students also completed their paper self-portrait (see 1st grade lesson).

The next project was inspired by the Faberge Eggs of Russia.  The students added a tissue paper layer around a plastic egg.  Then they decorated the eggs with gems, sequins, and ribbons. Check out the final product in the Art Exhibit.

3rd Grade:

The 3rd grade students worked on collaborative project for the Peace Run Event on March 7th at Camerena.  They created paper cranes.  The cranes were attached to a wand and were waved around to welcome the Peace Runners.

For the next art project, the students learned about the amazing optical art of M.C.Esher.  Using a ruler, pencil, and Mr. Sketch markers, the students drew their hand and used straight and curved lines to show movement.

4th grade:

The 4th graders completed their foil sculptures.  Prior to the lesson, we discussed the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti.  The students also learned how to draw the human form using proper proportions and placement.  They  practiced this skill by drawing several poses using a wooden mannequin.

The next drawing lesson focused on shading and drawing 3 dimensional shapes (cube, cylinder, sphere, and cone)

5th grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:

The students completed their amazing animal eyes!  The students experiment with blending media, using charcoal pencils, and adding texture, and details.

Mrs. Simmons’ class and 5th grade worked on a fun Self-Portrait inspired by the art work on illustrator, Nate Williams.  Williams’ art work is characterized as being appealing to children and fun.  For this art piece, the students drew an abstract portrait of themselves and added words to describe their likes, hobbies, heritage, extra curricular activities, and any other words that told me more about them.  The students used oil pastels, permanent marker and water colors.

6th grade:  The 6th grade classes has several projects going on this month.  The first project was a drawing for the Peace Run event at Camerena Elementary.  The theme for this drawing was, My Vision of Peace.  The students were given the choice to use watercolors, chalk pastels, oil pastels, markers, crayons, paper, and Playcolor Sticks.  The art pieces were displayed at Camerena on March 7th.

The next series of lessons focus on value.  The first exercise gave students the opportunity to practice using varying shades with a charcoal pencil.  The students drew an “organic” shape with 3 different shades from their value scale.



Week of February 4th

Kindergarten:  The kinders completed their “Flying over my Favorite Memory” art piece.

First Grade: The students continued their paper portraits. It is fun seeing them explore an play with paper.

Second Grade:  The 2nd grade students learned about Space.  Space is one of the Elements of Art. We focused on overlapping.  The students used circle tracers to draw donuts.  They had to erase any overlapping lines.  Then they outlined the drawing with black marker and colored the donuts with chalk pastels.

Third Grade: The third grade classes are creating art for an event hosted by Dr. McLaren at Camerena called the Peace Fun Run.  The students are creating origami cranes to symbolize peace.  Participating students will be holding the cranes during the Peace Fun Run.  We did the 1st half of the crane this week.

Mr. Thomas’ class and Mrs. Gersten’s class also created art work for the Peace Fun Run.  This art work will be displayed at Camerena.

Fourth Grade:  The fourth grade classes began their Foil Sculptures.  This week they created platforms by wrapping colored butcher paper around cardboard.  They sketched out their plan for next week.

Fifth Grade: Check out the progress of these animal eyes!

Sixth Grade: The 6th graders are also creating artwork for the Peace Fun Run.  The theme of the project is: Visions of a Peaceful World.  The students were able to choose from a variety of media.

Mrs. Simmons’ class:  The students are creating an abstract self-portrait inspired by the artwork of Nate Williams.  The students also selected words that described their personality, hobbies, likes, etc. 38

Week of January 28th

Thank you everyone for the art donations!  We have a full supply of pink erasers and tape.  Here are the items we are still in need of:

Crayola Model Magic Clay (White)

Silver and Gold Sharpies

Kindergarten: We began our lesson by reading the story Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold. This art lesson was inspired by the beautiful patterns framing the artwork on each page of the book.  The students designed patterned borders using markers and crayons.  Each student took a “flying” photo which will be glued  work next week.

First grade: This week we learned about the art of makling self-portaits.  We looked at Pablo Picasso’s many self-portaits.  The students began their own self-portaits out of cut paper.  This art project allows them to explore and experiment with paper. (Pictures will be posted next week)

Second grade and 4th grade did not meet this week

Third grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:  The whimsical, colorful, fun flower sculptures are complete!

Fifth Grade:  The 5th graders began their Animal eye drawings this week. They sketched out the shape of the eye and main lines using gesture drawing.  Pictures will be posted next week

Sixth Grade:  The Paper Relief Sculptures are complete!

Mrs. Gersten’s class:  This week we focused on color and how mood is represented through color.  We talked about warm colors and cool colors.  The students used magazines to cut and sort out colors onto their color wheel.  Then they drew a peacock and used the color wheel for the tail.


Mr. Thomas’ class:  We studied the paper cut out work of famous artist Henri Matisse.  The students designed their own cut out collages.

Week of January 21st

Monday: Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (6th grade, Mr. Thomas’ class, and Mrs. Gersten’s class will have an extra art class next week to make up for the day off)

Kindergarten:  The kinder students painted today.  We focused on blending the tempera paints.

First grade: The 1st graders completed their Andy Warhol, inspired leaf prints by coloring in the prints with colored pencils, and adding a colorful construction paper background.

Second Grade: The students created symmetrical monsters using the shape of their name.  They decorated and colored their monster with markers and crayons.

Third Grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class:  Check out these whimsical and fun flowers so far.  The students will need one more week to complete their flowers.

Fourth Grade:  This week in art, we learned  how to draw the human figure.  We focused on body proportions.  As the students drew the human figures, they had to consider where the joints bend and the shape of the overall body.

Fifth Grade:  We continued our series on drawing.  This week the students learned about contour drawing. We focused on strengthening hand-eye coordination through a drawing exercise called “blind contour drawing”.  The students had a lot of fun with this and their subject was their hand. After practicing the blind contour twice, the students drew the same hand positions but they were able to look the 2nd time around.

Week of January 14th

6th grade, Mr. Thomas’ class, and Mrs. Gersten’s class did not meet due to the teacher prep day on Monday.

Kindergarten: This week in art, kindergarteners learned about symbols in art.  We focused primarily on what lions represent in various cultures through their art.  Students participated in a carousal walkthrough of 6 different art pieces. Then students drew a giant lion head using basic shapes.  Next week we will add the mane by blending tempera paint.

1st grade:  We started a new art project this quarter learning about the art process of Printmaking.  The students were introduced to the famous Pop Artist and Printmaker, Andy Warhol.  First, students collected leaves outside. Then they painted one side of the leaf with white paint.  Then they pressed their leave onto black paper to create a print.  They repeated this process 4-6 times.  Next week students will add color with colored pencils and mount the leaves onto colored paper in an Andy Warhol Style.

2nd grade:  Due to the modified schedule, only Mrs. Zavala, Ms. Shockley, and Mr. Inocenio had art this week.  Those classes assembled their art portfolios and completed any unfinished art pieces.

3rd grade and Mrs. Simmons’ class: Our next art project in 3rd grade is three dimensional paper sculpting.  Students will be creating a flower sculpture. We began the lesson looking at several paper sculptures and discussing how they think the artist used paper. Then we students were introduced to the technique of looping and pinching paper.  This project involves a lot of patience.  It will probably take 4 weeks to complete this art piece.

4th grade:  The 4th grade students also had an art “catch-up” day.  Most of the students had to finish up their positive and negative animal art.

5th grade: It is drawing 101 time!  The students learned how to create gesture drawings.  We watched a video of a professional artist explaining and demonstrating gestural drawings. We practiced this skill by drawing several silhouettes of people and animals.


Welcome to the 3rd quarter!

Welcome back artists!

Our art class is in need of a few supplies.  If you are able to donate these supplies, please drop them off to room 706.  Thank you in advance for your donation!

baby wipes

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

black Sharpies

glue sticks


Here is the 3rd Quarter Art GATE Schedule:

January 18th

January 25th – No Art Club (Mrs. Adamos at District Meeting)

February 1st

February 8th

February 15th Holiday- No Art Club

February 22nd – No Art Club (Mrs. Adamos at District Meeting)

March 1st

March 8th

March 15th– No Art Club (Art Exhibit)

March 22nd – No Art Club- Last Day of the Quarter